What To Expect

Come As You Are.

When you visit, you can expect to be made to feel at home. Our service times are at 9:00am and 10:30am, but we encourage you to come a few minutes early and get a cup of coffee. At the end of our coffee bar is a welcome desk. There, you can have your questions answered and receive a free gift as a "thank you" from us.

Whether you dress up or not, is up to you. We believe what God sees on the inside is much more important than what people see on the outside. So don't feel any pressure to look a certain way.

If you have children, we strongly suggest you allow your children to meet in the spaces that we have created specifically for them. The environments are safe, the volunteers are caring, and we will always point their attention to Jesus!

Because we take our children’s safety seriously, there is a check-in system for children and parents. Your first time checking-in may take a few minutes, but then all of your future check-ins will take only a couple of seconds. If you have any little people to check-in you’ll definitely want to arrive at 8:45am or 10:15am to ensure that your whole family has an enjoyable day at The Bridge. If you would like to go ahead and get the process started, you can pre-register your family in our system to speed up the process on Sunday morning.

Our services last about an hour. After the services, you are welcome to speak with or pray with some caring individuals who stand ready to encourage you. We would love for you to fill out a Connect Card either now or during service so that we can get to know you more.

We're saving you a seat!