Welcome to Kids Ministry

If you have children with you, we have specially prepared children’s rooms with loving volunteers waiting just for them!

After your initial registration, your first stop will be at our self-service check in kiosks. After entering your phone number, a label will print for each child and one guardian sticker for the adult who will pick them up. After placing the sticker on your child, you will walk them to their assigned classroom based on their age. Loving and background checked volunteers will welcome your child in to have fun while learning about God’s love for them.

If at any time during service you are needed to come back to the children’s area, you will receive a text to the phone number that you registered your child with.

Safety is our number one priority. Every room has background checked volunteers who are ready and willing to love and teach your children about Jesus. Rooms and toys are sanitized after each service to maintain a clean and sterile environment for the children. We do not offer snack time due to the possibility of allergies. The only exception is baby bottles.

When service is over, you will pick your child up from their classroom using the printed guardian sticker to identify yourself. It is our goal that your child will come to you happy and ready to share what they learned about God’s love!

If you are new to The Bridge or planning to join us soon, please take a moment to fill out the registration form below. This will save you and the kids time when you check in for the very first time!

The Nest

The Nest is our lovingly designed room for babies ages 0-1 years. It has a security camera, padded foam flooring, a changing table, and lots of age appropriate toys to interact with. Our loving volunteers are ready to care for your little ones!

The Pad

The Pad is our fun filled room for preschoolers ages 2-3 years. It has a security camera, changing area, padded flooring for learning time, and many toys to offer creative playtime. Our 2-3 year olds get to participate in an age-appropriate bible story and worship songs each week. 

The Hive

The Hive is our structured learning space for preschoolers ages 4-5 years. This room has a security camera, tables and chairs, and activities that are geared for this age group. Our 4-5 year olds get to participate in a bible story, discussion time, prayer, worship, and activity each week. Our volunteers are ready to show your kids how fun learning about Jesus can be!

The Porch

The Porch is our room that is used as an additional learning space for our preschoolers. It has a security camera, open flooring, and large tv to bring bible stories to life.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade
After a time of large group worship and teaching, our elementary kids are divided into two groups:
  • K-2nd
  • 3rd-5th
This stage of learning is incredibly fun. They are beginning to comprehend concepts and can start to discover their own place in God’s story.
They have large group worship and then small group discussions guided by caring leaders. They learn to memorize Bible verses and apply that Truth.
Our elementary rooms are staffed with equipped, caring volunteers who provide a safe and secure environment that allows children to grow in their faith alongside their peers.
"Let your light shine..."
Matthew 5:16

For Parents

Safety Precautions
Safety Precautions

As we strive to create an environment of kindness, compassion and fun, and partner with parents to introduce children to Jesus, we also understand the times. Prior to each Sunday, all rooms and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. In addition to introducing your kids to the Savior, and giving your kids a reason to smile, we also want your kids to be safe!


Each of our kids’ rooms is equipped with security cameras and all of the rooms are supervised by leaders who have completed background checks. We want to do everything we can to give you peace of mind and allow you to fully engage in your worship time.